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1.B 2.C 3.D 4.B PS,这是关于亨利一世时期的“玫瑰战争”,有意思,初二都有这阅读了。望采纳!

sky environment during prediction

What is Hardy going to do in the future? Kate is good at dancing. I hope to visit New York some day. I don't think every home will have a robot. Yes, they will.

1 eat out 2 More and more 3 have the bill 4 charge for 5 leave the tip 6 take your order 7 completely 1 hardly

1 C 2 D watch sb do sth表示看到某人做某事,多用于经常性发生的事情或动作(一般在句子中会有提示经常性动作的时间词语,例如often,always,usually等等) e.g.I often watch the boys __(play) basketball on the weekend这句说明的是我经常看到...

一 1guiding 2 dining 3 city 4 round 5 roof 6 pool 7 behind 二 1 where is 2 how does go 3 on the opposite side of 4 i will 5 take your plane to go 6go on the right 三 1get to your home from 2where go to the shop 3at the adge of ...

解答: (1)What did you do on vacation? (2)Where does he live? (3)How long did you stay there? (4)Have you ever spent a holiday in Dalian? (5)That's a good idea. (6)How will you go there?

你好! taller any other (记住any other boy(跟单数)=the other boys) Movie Palace has the most comfortable seats. I donot think Tom is the youngest student. near from Where 谢谢,望采纳

1 Mary's aunt has been living in Shenyang since she moved there ten years ago. It's ten years since Mary's aunt moved to Shenyang. Mary's aunt has been living in Shenyang for ten years since she moved there. 2 It's four and a h...

16. 【答案】 A 【解析】逻辑题。文中第一句提到作者并不是一个勇敢的人(I am not a brave girl, and even a little mouse scares(惊吓) me)31题句中又提到作者对蹦极这项运动十分狂热。(I’ve been crazy about bungee jumping(蹦极).证明前...


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