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gonna crash on the couch 在沙发上崩溃 例句: 1.May I crash on your couch? 我可以睡在你的沙发上吗? 2.I'd crashed Friday afternoon -- I hadn't completely recovered from the infection. 我星期五下午昏睡过去了,我发炎还没完全恢复过来.

歌曲名:money on the couch 歌手:Juvenile 专辑:solja rags I went through with the plan, now the man sendin' me grams, My coke organization still infestin' the land, No joke, built my Mama an estate in the Bahamas, Crops of mariju...

躺在沙发上 例如:My father lay on the couch watching. 父亲躺在沙发上看电视。 希望能帮到您~

没落得睡沙发的下场并不意味着你不会再次祸从口出。 (管不牢嘴巴被老婆罚睡沙发了呗)


不论你走得多慢,你依然领先那些躺在沙发上不动的家伙一圈。 这里的lap意思是在跑步比赛中领先对手一圈即get ahead of an opponent in a race by one circuits.


We can chacha on the floor, we can chacha on the couch Baby, we can chacha, all around my house We can chacha in the night, chacha till two ...

We'll be in the sheets就在床上呆着till the late a.m.直到中午Baby if...I'd rather put on a film with you我宁愿放部电影and sit on the couch...


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