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描述说“在。。。上”,一般情况下都用“on”~ 用“in”的话,指的是一种“陷进去”的状态~因此特别舒服的坐在软沙发上才会用“sit in the sofa”~嘿嘿~

你好, sofa: 长沙发(可至少坐二人的) ,通常带有靠背和扶手 couch:(坐卧两用的)长沙发,躺椅 追问: couch是不是我们俗称的沙发床啊 回答: 是的 麻烦采纳,谢谢!

把某人按倒在沙发上。 我妈是英语老师哦。 我嚎:“妈!来翻译```”

on the couch....你只能坐在沙发上...坐在沙发里给人的意思就是你沙发破了你坐到棉花里了...

gonna crash on the couch 在沙发上崩溃 例句: 1.May I crash on your couch? 我可以睡在你的沙发上吗? 2.I'd crashed Friday afternoon -- I hadn't completely recovered from the infection. 我星期五下午昏睡过去了,我发炎还没完全恢复过来.

Turn the TV on Throw my hand in my pants Nobodys gon' tell me I can't I'll be lying on the couch just chillin in my snuggie Click to MTV so...

No Interruption (Acoustic) - Hoodie Allen Yeah yeah yeah on the shit,yeah yeah on the shit I gotta fake ID and a check list It goes never meet a girl on Craig’s List And never spend your money on a necklace 3 square meals hom...

躺在沙发上 例如:My father lay on the couch watching. 父亲躺在沙发上看电视。 希望能帮到您~

不论你走得多慢,你依然领先那些躺在沙发上不动的家伙一圈。 这里的lap意思是在跑步比赛中领先对手一圈即get ahead of an opponent in a race by one circuits.

1. They are still biking on the road. The dog Bruno always follows them. 2. They build castles on the beach every year. 3. Bit needs ...


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